A poem I wrote a couple of years ago about motorcycling (one of my lifelong passions) evolved into this 3-minute animated short film, “A Biker’s Dream.” To construct the film, I commissioned a hundred digital storyboard-style illustrations, edited and enhanced them, separated them into their component layers, and animated the elements to create a unique visual journey that ventures beyond the confines of earthbound pavement. The soundtrack features British voice actor Steve Chambers as the voice of the motorcycle; choruses in which I sing and play all the instruments; and the sound of my own motorcycle, recorded as I “acted out” the journey of the motorcycle in the film while riding along the beautiful streets and highways of Orange County, California.

I urge anyone interested in motorcycling to visit RideWithUs.com to learn about the best ways to start their own journey, and MSF-USA.org to learn about hands-on rider training courses in their area.

On the music front, one of my latest songs is the rocker “What’s In It For Me?”  I wrote the song for my collaborator Elizabeth Marie Dobbin, who handled all the vocal parts with her powerful and expressive four-octave voice.  I played all the instruments.  My aim with this song is to find an established female rock or country performer who would like to cover the song.  You can hear it here:  https://youtu.be/En2ao1SqSm8

In addition to “What’s In It For Me?” I’ve recorded a handful of songs for my next CD, which I hope to have ready before Halley’s Comet makes its return.. In the meantime, my last full Glaserbeam™ CD was 2014’s  Born Too Soon (scroll to bottom for song samples).  Here’s how I described it at the time:

“Born Too Soon” is the latest CD by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ken Glaser, who records under the moniker Glaserbeam.  The 14-song progressive collection incorporates elements of classic rock, folk, and alternative rock, flavored with pop, classical, and minimalism.

Though primarily a solo effort – on half the songs Ken performs all the vocal and instrumental parts – guest performances round out the sound on seven tracks.  The 14 tracks embody Ken’s singular vision as an artist and producer, and reward the listener with 65 minutes of pure Glaserbeam.

Ken’s carefully crafted lyrics cover topics ranging from relationships (Under The Influence, Let’s Resonate, Logical Conclusion), commentaries on modern society (Born Too Soon, It Doesn’t Make Sense), and fantasy (For A Day, Cradle To Grave, Old Blue Ridge), to spirituality (Another Lap Around The Sun, Variations On A Theme), empowerment (Sermon On The Mount), and simply fun (I Dream In Stereo).  Instrumentals provide a breather midway (As Is) and at the close (City Storm).

Included with the physical CD is an 8-page booklet featuring complete lyrics, and for most songs the lyrics are annotated with guitar chords so musicians can play along.  Ken’s influences include Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, King Crimson, The Beach Boys, The Who, Electric Light Orchestra, Depeche Mode, George Harrison, Hawkwind, and Nektar.

Whilst recording the CD, Ken also made concept videos for three of the songs – the lo-fi stop-motion I Dream In Stereo (watch “I Dream In Stereo”), the computer-animated Cradle To Grave (watch “Cradle To Grave”), and the mixed-media It Doesn’t Make Sense (watch “It Doesn’t Make Sense”).  The videos have been warmly received at dozens of film festivals worldwide.

Please take a listen to the Glaserbeam clips below.  You can buy full mp3s at the usual places (iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, Spotify), and can buy the physical CD through CDbaby or by sending $13 (U.S. residents only) via PayPal Buy Now Button or by check to:   Glaserbeam, P.O. Box 1353, Brea, CA 92822.

1.  Under The Influence 

2.  Born Too Soon 

3.  For A Day 

4.  Let’s Resonate 

5.  It Doesn’t Make Sense 

6.  I Dream In Stereo 

7.  As Is 

8.  Cradle To Grave 

9.  Old Blue Ridge 

10.  Sermon On The Mount 

11.  Another Lap Around The Sun 

12.  Logical Conclusion 

13.  Variations On A Theme 

14.  City Storm 

Original Music and Videos