Unless otherwise noted, all songs were written by Ken, and all instruments and vocals were performed by Ken:

  1. Under The Influence (4:30).  This was inspired by a nascent relationship.  Being in love (lust?) feels similar to being tipsy.  Maybe it’s the endorphins.  I never had the chance to play the song to the woman who inspired it.  Violins by Sarah Wallin Huff and Danielle Cummins.
  2. Born Too Soon (5:05).  Wouldn’t it be great to have been born a thousand years from now?  Lyrically inspired by the space-traveling characters in my Cradle to Grave video, musically inspired by my talented String theory bandmates, with a chorus melody that came to me in a dream.  Violins and backing vocals by Sarah Wallin Huff and Danielle Cummins; percussion by Keith Buerger.
  3. For A Day (3:20).  This is a “Freaky Friday” situation applied to a couple in a deep, loving relationship.  Violins by Sarah Wallin Huff and Danielle Cummins; percussion by Keith Buerger; flugelhorn by James Huff.
  4. Let’s Resonate (3:50).  This is about realizing your relationship is becoming “real.”  Lead guitar by Vince Marchillo.
  5. It Doesn’t Make Sense (5:05).  I don’t like to use others’ words, but in this case I can’t improve upon them:  “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”
  6. I Dream In Stereo (3:40).  The catalyst for this was a dream a friend had in which she heard beautiful music in vivid stereo.
  7. As Is (3:35).  An acoustic (mostly) instrumental (mostly) based on a soulful Rob Cook guitar phrase.  Lead guitars by Rick Stubbs.
  8. Cradle To Grave (5:15).  This started out as a song I wrote in the 1990s, essentially a fable about interstellar travelers who bring peace to each civilization they encounter.  At the time, I jokingly described it as being “based on an untitled story yet to be written.”  Over the years I revisited the song, revising and re-recording it while thinking it could also serve as “the soundtrack of a film yet to be shot.”  In 2010 I recorded what I felt to be the definitive version of the song and worked with a 3D computer animator for two years to create that film.  Violin by Misa Kitagawa.
  9. Old Blue Ridge (5:15).  Original idea by my nephew David Glaser, a talented singer/songwriter and recording engineer, about a very specific journey.  My version adds choruses and sound effects.  However, I didn’t use any effects on my multi-layered ascending/descending vocal glissandi that cap each chorus; those are my vocals sung in real time.
  10. Sermon On The Mount (5:00).  This is about the power of one voice.
  11. Another Lap Around The Sun (4:40).  My 21st century version of Auld Lang Syne.  Lead guitars by John Mendoza and Rick Stubbs.
  12. Logical Conclusion  (5:00).  The conclusion is logical, but relationships rarely follow logic.  In 5/4 time, with a couple of 6/4 parts, for those keeping count.
  13. Variations On A Theme  (5:35).  This is simply a big-picture look at things.
  14. City Storm  (5:15).  Based on the new-age soundtrack to my Organism bird video (watch Organism), with an industrial drum track added for contrast.

Original Music and Videos

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