The Born Too Soon CD sessions were recorded and mixed on 96-track digital, thus feeding my lifelong addiction for overdubbing. However, throughout the 90s I recorded my tunes on an 8-track analog reel to reel machine with an analog mixing board. By doing intermediate mixdowns, I was able to squeeze up to 20 instrument or vocal tracks into those eight tracks. At the end of the decade I digitized and re-mixed the songs and released 15 of them on my first CD, Paradigm Shift, in 1999. I sold the discs through and until 2005, when I withdrew that collection. I’d like to share a few of the better tracks with you.

Vocabulary.  Solely my voice, 18 tracks’ worth, each sung in real time and not sampled, copied, or pasted, and with minimal use of sound effects or studio trickery.

Paradigm Shift.  An instrumental co-composed by lead guitarist Steve Thomas.  I play bass, drums, and keyboards.  Highlights:  Steve’s 6-part guitar feedback swell at 2:48 and his guitar duel at 3:12. 

Original Music and Videos

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